A pioneer in protecting exploited women and children

Democrat Ann Johnson is a former Chief Human Trafficking Prosecutor, current teacher, and small business owner who works as an attorney in our criminal justice system for victims of sexual exploitation and those who cannot afford a lawyer.

In Austin, she’ll fight for working families, investments in schools, long overdue gun safety reforms, and to expand access to health care for over one million uninsured Texans.

Ann will work with Republicans and Democrats to ensure we’re investing in ordinary Texans and small businesses during this pandemic, so our communities can build back from this economic recession stronger.

Houston roots, family values

A Houston native and youngest of six children, Ann Johnson learned her values, vocation and politics at home. At a tender age, she accompanied her father, a former Texas state representative, to his law office to meet with clients who had lost limbs in industrial accidents. Her mother, a retired senior district judge, and father instilled a strong sense of the honor and responsibility of speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

Ready for the tough fights

“If we want a fighting chance to accomplish our goals, we must address the rampant Republican gerrymandering over the last two decades,” Ann says. Next year state legislators will redraw our political maps for the next decade. Texas Democrats have a strong chance to win the state House, fight for fair maps, and provide a check on Governor Abbott’s right-wing agenda. The stakes are higher than ever.